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Therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation, sports and prenatal massage in Canmore, Alberta. Registered Massage Therapists with a minimum of 2200hrs.


Thanks to athletes like Michael Phelp's cupping is TRENDING!

However, cupping therapy is not new, it is one of the oldest practiced alternative therapies from ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures.

Types and Methods

Fire Cupping

Traditional cupping using glass cups. A cotton swab held with forceps is dipped in alcohol, lit by a lighter and quickly placed in and out of a glass cup. The heat from the fire create a small amount of suction in the cup right before it's placed on the skin.

Annie and Jodi are both trained in fire cupping but not in extinguishing fires!

Silicone cupping

A newer simpler method that is equally as effective as glass cupping. Silicone cups are squeezed to create suction prior to being placed on the skin.

Nim and Jodi are both trained in silicone cupping.

Movement Cupping

Cups are moved slowly along the skin releasing muscular tension and adhesions. Suction lifts tissue and muscle into the cups creating the opposite effect of compression applied during massage. This method typically will not leave visible marks.

Stationary Cupping

When a tight spot or trigger point is found cups are left in the area for 3-5 minutes. Stationary cupping may leave marks on your skin that look like a round bruise. This will normally disappear within a couple of days.


Cupping moves fresh blood from one area of the body to another supporting the healing.

Consider a sprained ankle - inflammation and blood flow into the area creating bruising which triggers our body to heal and repair the damaged tissue. Cupping brings new blood to an area to stimulate the same healing and repair mechanism. In some situations your body will only heal a sprained ankle to 70%, cupping can be used to increase circulation rebooting the healing process, potentially getting you to 80% or 90%.


-reduces tension in muscles and tendons

-reduces muscle spasms

-increases blood flow and stimulating healing and repair.

-decrease Nervous system firing and increase relaxation.

-supports chronic respiratory issues